Boarding with us is stress free for you and your furkid.  Daycare is included in our boarding. We offer two types of boarding. In-House boarding is staying the night at the facility. 24 hour boarding is more for the high anxiety and/or a more "luxury" service. 24 hour boarding is your furkid(s) going home each night they board with us, with Jess, the owner.  They come back every morning to spend the day at the facility, play with their furfriends, and have a great time. During boarding, the dogs are only kenneled at night for bed time, or for small periods of time during the day on weekend stays.
Boarding, the same as our daycare, requires a current application on file for each dog, current copy of vaccinations, and all dog size  and human friendly. 
Your furkid will snore peacefully each night after a day of playing with their furiends in our climate controlled Bark 'n' Lounge. We have two 4 x 5 x 6ft tall walk in suites - when we have multiple boarding, those are reserved for our extra large furkids and mutli-family furkids. If we are light on boarding, that is where your furkid(s) will sleep and eat. We have a 9 suite cage bank. It's mainly just used for over flow during out holiday boarding, and for those with extreme crate anxiety if our walk in suites are full - as it is also escape proof. 
if it is your furkid's first time staying with us, and they have never been to our daycare- please make sure to schedule to drop them off the morning of their stay. This will help with their anxiety of being left, being in a new place, and help relax them throughout the day- so they will get their rest at night. You may bring bedding, beds, toys, etc. Anything that would/will make your pet's stay with us more comfortable. We will administer any medications they may need, without extra charge. You will supply their food, and bring enough to last their stay. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! You can call us or email! 

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