Jess - Owner & Photographer

Jess has always been an avid animal lover. Since she was a little girl, animals, especially dogs have been a constant in her life.  From taking in strays, helping nurse wounded birds and other wild life - you name it, she's helped or had them as a pet in some form. 
 Mainly helping abused and high medical need dogs. Rehabbing the scared and abused,  nursing the wounded and injured back to health, finding homes for them, and helping other rescue organizations. Finding homes for over 100 dogs. 
She's stepped away from most of the rescue world, helping where she can to focus on family and her other passion, photography. Using her talents to help other rescued dogs find their forever homes. 
Jess has been a professional photographer for the last 5 years.  Specializing in dogs. 
With her extensive experience with many different breeds, ability to read their body language, and just natural connection she has with most all dogs she meets - you can rest easy knowing your pet will be safe, secure and well taken care of when you leave them for the day or week with her. 


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