Giving Back

Rescue work has a special place in our heart. With a background in rescue that goes back to childhood, we have a special understanding how hard, saddening and rewarding it is being the voice for the ones that can't speak for themselves. We also know the funds rescues do get, need to be spent on the pets within their care to get them the help they need to find that forever home. We offer pro-bono portrait sessions to 501c3 rescues or those that are private rescue groups and need great pictures of their foster pets, to help them get into their forever homes. The photos we take can be used for their adoption listings, on websites, social media outlets, and where ever else they may be helpful to the cause. Please contact me today, so we can start getting those pets into their forever homes. 

Animal welfare agencies

Animal welfare agencies like Sponsor Adoptions, Inc., provide much needed services to families, communities and pets in need. They raise money by hosting events, teaming up with local animal shelters, and asking for donations. Since 2012, we have worked with Sponsor Adoptions, Inc. at their yearly Howl-O-Ween Spooktacular events by providing event photography and mini-portrait sessions to help raise funds for their very worthy cause. If your rescue, shelter, or agencies is holding fundraising events, we'd love to help you. Please, contact us so we can help you with your photographic needs at your next fundraising event. We offer a discounted event rate for these types of events. Discount rate starts at $75/hr, min of 2 hours - mini session set ups and insta-prints are an extra charge.


Sanctuaries are a lot like rescues, but with a few slight differences. One of those differences being that animals that come into sanctuaries usually do not leave them. Some, like Bark-n-Rest Retirement Center, based out of Azle, TX. take in special needs and elderly small breed dogs. Chance, pictured above, is one of the larger of their special needs cases. The work sanctuaries do and take on is a thankless one. They are usually forgotten about by the public, because they aren't as active in the fast-paced rescue world. Being able to get great pictures to help with marketing, fundraising, and awareness is key.