All Day Dog Daycare

Located in the heart of Fort Worth's 6 Points Urban Village Arts District. Your beloved furkid(s) will spend the day playing with their furfriends in our 1,400 sq ft. playroom, and outside in our 3,000+ sq ft, securely fenced, mature tree shaded, grassed play area. All our furguests are thoroughly evaluated and screened for their safety and our staff. We have scheduled nap/rest times in the afternoon, along with scheduled play times and activities to only to tire out these furballs of energy, but to enrich their minds. Be sure to follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see in on your furkid's day. When you pick up your furkid at the end of the day, we are positive you are going to have one fulfilled, socialized, happy and tired pup! A tired dog, is a good dog!  

Benefits of Dog Daycare

  • Cures boredom
  • Helps with separation anxiety
  • Provides Socialization 
  • Gives a sense of pack mentality
  • Helps reduce destructive behavior
  • Releases energy
  • All day yard play for Apartment living dogs 
  • and so much more!



2912 Race Street
Fort Worth, TX 76111


M-F 7am–7pm
Drop Off - 7am - 10am
Pick Up - 4:30pm - 7pm
Daycare is closed on the weekends
Pick up/Drop off for Boarding on Weekends is the same as during the week. 
Saturday -
Appointment Only - Photography
Sunday - Closed


A little Q and A:

We do not allow tours of the facility during business hours (Monday-Friday) If you'd like a tour please shoot us an email and we'll work to schedule a tour over the weekend. During the week, it's just too much to bring in "strange" faces back into the playroom. With cage-free all day play, there are too many factors that go into keeping the daycare pack in check and in order. It's very important that we keep the group calm and happy. But we are more than happy to show you around through photos or private, scheduled tours over the weekends as our schedule allows. 

If you would like your furkid to have breakfast and/or lunch, please bring their food in sealed ziploc bags or containers with their names on it. It's easier if you portion it out beforehand. But if you didn't get a chance, please also put the amount they should get. We have scheduled breakfast time and a lunch time.  If they have medications they need to take during the day, please also have those in a ziploc baggy, with their name and dosage clearly written or typed with instructions. 

Please keep all toys and other personal items at home. We have toys and other learning stimuli for the furkids to play with during scheduled toy times. Some dogs can be toy possessive and this can sometimes cause problems. Our goal is always the safety of ALL our furguests. 

If you are not able to make it by the 7pm pick up time, your furkid will be taken home with Jess, and you will be charged/billed a night of boarding. You may pick up your furkid at the daycare the following morning between 7am-10am. If you are unable to pick them up between these times in the morning, you will be charged/billed for a day of daycare or a half day if you have scheduled to pick up before noon. 

If your furkids toenails are too long, we will trim them, and you will be billed $15 for the toenail trim. 

If your furkid is misbehaving excessively (i.e. starting physical altercations that can/have escalated in more than just a minor scuffle, continues to bully other dogs, or other behavior that puts them or other furguests at risk), they will get 4 warnings. You will be informed of their behavior, and given advice and pointers on ways to help stop this behavior. 5th time, sadly, the furkid will no longer be allowed to come to daycare at House of Wag.