When you board with House of Wag, you can rest and relax where ever it is that you may be, knowing that your beloved furkids are being taken care of, spoiled and treated just like the furry family member that they are. We have two types of boarding. In house boarding, they stay the night at the daycare. They are never alone long, usually most is 8-9 hours. When we come in, in the morning, they are let outside. Crates are cleaned, bedding taken to the wash if needed, and breakfast prepared. They get some time before Daycare furkids start to show up for the day. If they are compatible with our group that day, they join in with daycare. If they are more of a loaner, we rotate them in and out through out the day. Inside, outside, in our secured off play areas. They are never ignored or thrown into a crate all day.
 We know that some families don't like the idea of their family member staying the night alone in a dark, new place. There is already enough stress going on with you not being around. So we offer an exclusive, limited availability 24 boarding. Your dog must pass all the same things that the regular dog daycare furkids go through. They will spend the day playing with their fur friends, playing chase, taking naps, and having the best time! At the end of the day when all the daycare furkids go home, the House of Wag all cleaned up and locked up, they won't be staying overnight at the facility all alone. Nope, not here.  Here, they will then get to go home with Jess, the owner. They will get a private kennel at her home, they will get to play in the extra large backyard made just for dogs (because she already has lots of furkids of her own!) They'll get dinner, and treated like one of the family. If they've met some of the personals of Jess'(from daycare) they'll get to play with them too. They'll spend the night, and then wake up in the morning to go back to the facility for a day of daycare again, or to be picked up by you. This will be your furkid(s) routine until the day you are scheduled to come take them home!